Monthly Care Packs

Don't run the risk of getting caught out with storm damage to your roof this winter.  Take out one of our monthly care packages read more...


Thanks Roof Care Plus - by using your monthly service I now have 'Peace of Mind' knowing that if I lose some tiles off my roof again this winter I will not be left for days and days with missing tiles letting the rain into my house.  Mrs T Messingham

Welcome to Roof Care +

moss on a pantile roofpantile roof after cleaningCarbon deposits on an industrial roofBadly maintianed chimney

A service designed to cater for the little bits of roofing work we all look at daily, the grass in the gutters the slipped slate or tiles which never seem to get attention even after rain highlights problems. We call roofer after roofer some turn up some don't. The problem is still there we put up with it time after time and eventually we have a major problem just when you dont need one. ££££££££ There goes the savings.

Well! let us put your mind at ease, with one of our monthly maintenance plans we can take care of those little issues all year round even if your not there. You used to do the clearing of gutters yourself put can no longer get up ladders. You cant believe how much it is for  putting one tile back. Your going away the roof repairs aren't done you spend your holiday thinking about the house, will it be flooded when we get back so you don't totally enjoy the holiday which was supposed to take your mind of things.

Maybe you think it's too much money, you can still climb the ladder it's a lot higher from up there. What would happen if you fell ? Providing you survived what impact would it have on the family, your income. For a few pounds a week we can bring you peace of mind.     
Liam Durkin
Director of Roofcare +